Shakespeare’s Advice to the Players: Authentic Renaissance Acting Technique

The works of Shakespeare, Marlowe, Johnson and their contemporaries are ill-suited to modern acting technique, which tends to place feeling over form. Renaissance theatre, on the other hand, demands that we obey the dictates of form first, and let that guide our feeling. Using the techniques espoused by the great Shakespearian actor and director, Peter Hall, this class will walk students through a process designed to honor the form of Renaissance theatre, in order to produce thrilling and authentic acting performances. All levels welcome. No prerequisites. Sayyida Laila al-Sanna’ al-Andalusiyya is the former Bard of Caid. She has a Master’s degree in theatre, and has taught acting and dramatic analysis at a university level and in the SCA.

Host: Sayyida Laila al-Sanna’ al-Andalusiyya

Story Structure and The Hero’s Journey

So, you have an angel’s voice and the Devil’s tongue, but you have trouble writing your own stories? This is the class for you. Led by a multi-published novelist and short story writer, this class will teach you basic story structure through “The Hero’s Journey.” We will discuss The Hero’s Journey, analyze some well-known folk tales with it, and then use it to build a story as a group. You’ll learn to create a story from the bones up, turning your timid sloth of a tale into a raging, fire-breathing beast. 

Host: Drustan of Nordenfjord

Playing for Fun

General sightreading/jam session including minnesanger and troubadour melodies, cantigas de Santa Maria, dance tunes, etc. Instrumentalists comfortable either reading sheet music or picking up pieces by ear are welcome; likewise vocalists interested in singing in foreign languages. Feel free to bring songs to share (in several copies, please). Depending on attendance and interest, we may also sightread polyphonic pieces.

Host: Baronne Sabine de Kerbriant

Sing for the East

Come and learn songs about and in praise of the East Kingdom! We will review songs from the first collection of Sing for the East, as well as the songs from the recent Sing for the East CD collection, and maybe a new anthem or two! Sheet music and lyrics will be provided, and all are encouraged to participate in any way they can (sing, play instruments, strike chords, hum along, clap and stomp, cheer others on). The songs will be taught, so you do not have to read sheet music (or be able to sight-read/sight-sing). Help us build a “standard” repertoire of anthems for the East by learning and spreading these songs!

Host: Arden of Icombe