EKCoP’s Challenge Assembly and University

All are invited to a brand new EK event!  March 2nd 2019!
“East Kingdom College of Performers Challenge Assembly and University”
It’s an event inspired by Midrealm’s Bardic Madness!  All skill levels will be able to participate!  Or if you just want to watch that’s great too!
There will be Challenges!  Bardic!  Classes!  Musical Meet ups!  Performances!  Workshops!  And More!

Performing Arts and Bardic Challenge Assembly
The event will feature several time slots to perform in the main hall to meet challenges issued online before the event.  Attempt a challenge and earn a token from the challenge sponsor!  Tell a story!  Sing a song!  Recite a poem!  Play an instrument!  Perform with a friend!  There will be a challenge for everyone and all skill levels!

Use this link to view the list of current challenges and sponsors:


Submit a challenge to performers!:


Sign-up for a performing time slot:
Advance Sign-ups open:  February 11th 2019 (02/11/2019)
Advance Sign-ups close:  February 27th 2019 (02/27/2019)

Depending on the number of advanced sign-up participants, spots may still be available for sign up on the day of the event.
Our goal is for as many people to participate as possible!  Your assigned time slots will be posted at the event.
It’s not a competition, the purpose is to try new things and challenge yourself!  Please keep stage time below 8 minutes.

Performing Arts and Bardic University:

As a College of Performing Arts we are proud that the event will host FOUR rooms for performing arts activities! One room for challenges! One room for music! One room for classes! One room for workshops!

For up to date details please use the link below for the class schedule.

Schedule of classes and activities:  (Full Schedule will be posted after February 11th)


If you would like to teach a class, host a meet up, support a workshop, or host any other activities please use this link to sign up before February 11th:


After February 11th (02/11/2019) sign up by sending an email to chatelaine@ekcp.eastkingdom.org

Live Ensemble Performances:

We are hoping to host live ensemble performances in between the Assembly Challenge time slots.

If you are part of a band, choral group, theater team, Commedia Dell’arte troupe, Improv team,

dance group, or other non-solo performing act and are interested in performing please send an email to


Day Board Provided by Lady Triona MacCasky and a Fantastic Team of Volunteers:
For more info:


Signup for the EKCoP Mailing List to stay up to date on the latest event info:


First Presbyterian Church
101 Bridgeboro Rd,
Moorestown, NJ 08-57
Autocrat: Frank Douglas
Event Program Coordinator: Doug Doan

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